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Research Background

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:05 am

Hello there,

I just want to reiterate and give a more comprehensive backgrounder on my research...
As you know, I am in my final (if everything goes well) year at Capilano University, and my biggest project for this last semester is an undergraduate thesis for our Communications 499: Undergraduate Thesis class.

My topic is: "The Racialization and Downward Social Mobility of Filipinos in Vancouver".

The concept of Racialization was popularized by David Theo Goldberg and it concerns a group whose social identity has been established for them by external forces, as opposed to self-assertion. Basically, its how the stereotype that Filipinos are "nannies, custodians, fast food workers, etc." have become true for Filipinos in Canada, because its perpetuated by the surrounding society.
Also note that, the influx of Filipino immigrants in the 90s was directly driven by the creation of the Live-In Caregiver Program - a lot of Filipinas (and later men, too) got the opportunity to migrate to Canada through the caregiver initiative, and this eventually created a stereotype among Filipino immigrants - which is unfair considering it was the only available job to Filipinos.

A researcher by the name of Philip Kelly, have found troubling results from the aftermath of the LCP. As you guys have probably experienced, a lot of Filipino caregivers (and adult Filipino immigrants in general) come to Canada with considerable education (degrees, even doctorates) and equipped with strong capacities of the English language. However, a lot of Filipino immigrants, as Kelly's research found, have trouble moving up the social ladder (Social Mobility). Doctors in the Philippines work as cashiers here, that kind of stuff.

In my research, I'm looking to address this issue, and my theory is that this is directly influenced by the pre-conceived social identity of Filipinos that have been created by Westerners.

I brought you guys here, because of the most troubling finding by Kelly. Among all children of all immigrants in Canada... the children of Filipino immigrants have displayed the worst social mobility.
He cites three reasons for this: the financial hardship brought by the inequality in economic opportunities, the limits brought by overwhelmingly Filipino-background networks (basically Filipinos who hook up their friends with a job at say, metrotown or mcdonalds) and finally, the lack of "Filipino Identity" and role models, media portrayal and general knowledge about Filipinos.

So in this forum, i just want to talk to you guys about your experiences in Canada, as youth.
Once everyone is settled in, I'll start a discussion - or anyone can, feel free to vent out anything.

I don't expect you guys to be posting/answering immediately, so I'm gonna say we have about a week to have an ongoing discussion these things.

Thanks again guys.


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